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Michel Caza,
50 years of passion

Following the publication of my book « Michel Caza, the Chameleon of Contemporary Art », I finally decided to start presenting and selling part of my personal collection of original prints / serigraphs, Fine Art posters and posters that I screen-printed between 1960 and 2015, during my 55 years as Master Screen-Printer described in my book (site:

• I have done all these works myself as a printer and even often as a « co-designer ».
It is a guarantee of authenticity of these multiple works and, moreover, they all appear in my book
I often recall their genesis and anecdotes about their creators.

• I emphasize the previous point because this market is notorious for graphic works, serigraphs, lithographs, engravings, digigraphies, pigmentaries and other giclées whose origins are sometimes doubtful and, being fully invested in these works, I can guarantee that they have been made by the artist and myself, in my workshops.

• I have a lot of dedicated works and also, interestingly, State proofs and « Good to Pull » (BàT),very often annotated by an exchange of remarks between the artist and the art printer as the « printing tests » progress.
They are fascinating because they illustrate – as the book shows – the creative approach of our work in common .. and often its difficulties.

• Listing all these works of art represents an exceptional workload.
I will put them on the site step by step, as I advance in this search.

• A form will allow fans of prints and art posters to tell us if they are interested and tell them how to acquire and receive the works that interest them.
Each request will receive a personal response via e-mail or SMS.

In the first files, you will find original serigraphs of Leonor Fini, Gérard Le Cloarec, Christian Jequel, Isia Leviant, Gerard Razzia, Joel Roy, Enrique Careaga, Enrique Ahil, André François, Alberto Bali, Maxime Defert, Jean Allemand, Michel Guéranger, Patrice Allart, Leopoldo Torres Agüerro and Ronald Abram.

L’achat d’une ou de plusieurs estampes à partir de 600 € vous vaudra de recevoir gratuitement un exemplaire du livre « Michel Caza, Le Caméléon de l’Art Contemporain ». (voir le site du livre