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To find the works that tempt you, you will soon be able to search by the name of the artist you are interested in, whom you like or who you are familiar with. For the opening of this site, I propose to you six artists.

According to your tastes, I think that as my site will be completed, you will find the art you like, be it figurative, abstract, or the “unclassifiable” kind that I appreciate a lot. You will find both very contemporary and older expressions … when searching through the Gallery. When I show several works of an artist through a collaboration that has sometimes spread over many years, you can follow his or her creative evolution.

For now, only six artists are on the site. I will add new ones as and when I list my screen printed works, which represents a very big task… There will be hundreds … of artists and works!

If the price is one of your major choice criteria, you will find in the Gallery a button that allows you to show the classification of works according to their price range. These prices are of course depending on the genre of the work : Original serigraphs, Art posters, reproductions or posters. And for the original serigraphs, the prices are totally related to the artist’s rating (or “value”), which depends of course on his/her notoriety.

Having been the “co-creator” of these original prints, it is easy for me to guarantee their perfect authenticity, without any possible dispute. I recall and guarantee that I only sell serigraphs from my personal collection. Only works that I printed myself.

Michel Caza

Who am I

Following the publication of my book “Michel Caza, the Chameleon of Contemporary Art”, I finally decided to start presenting and selling part of my personal collection of original prints / serigraphs, Fine Art posters and posters that I screen-printed between 1960 and 2015, during my 55 years as Master Screen-Printer described in my book